10 hilarious tweets from Jimmy Fallon’s #CollegeInSixWords Hashtag

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On Tuesday, October 1st, just as FAFSA was launching across the country, Jimmy Fallon initiated the hashtag, #CollegeInSixWords. Needless to say, the responses came flooding in. Current and past college students rose to the occasion, bringing both tears and laughter in the process.

Those of us at FRANK couldn’t help but notice how many students referenced their debt. While debt is never funny, it’s nice to find a little common ground with other students dealing with the same unfortunate circumstances. And let’s be honest, if we didn’t laugh about it once in a while, we’d probably cry about it all the time.

Here are the 10 funniest tweets from Jimmy Fallon’s #CollegeInSixWords hashtag.

1. When the student loans are massive

I mean, he’s not wrong.

2. When your vacation involves passing classes and food halls

But imagine how relaxing a $150,000 vacation would be?

3. When it’s mid-semester and you need an excuse to skip class

Attendance isn’t mandatory but participation is.

4. When you’re retired and still paying off student loans

I’m laughing but the tears are real.

5. When your restaurant budget is strict but you’re hungry

Tacos. Pizza. Ramen. Repeat.

6. When the professor roasts you constantly

Remember that piece of paper you got on day one? It’s kind of a big deal.

7. When you singlehandedly keep coffee shops in business

The limit does not exist. 

8. When you have to get off the internet and do real work

The library is a reliable source. Always.

9. When you’re broke before you even graduate

Nothing like being broke just as you start your job search.

10. When even celebrities can’t stand student loan debt