10 Scholarships You Can Still Win For The 2018-19 Year

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Has Decision Day come and gone with you still unsure how exactly you are going to pay for the college you’ve just agreed to attend? Did your financial aid offer fall short of meeting your financial need?

Don’t panic, we’ve got you covered.

It’s not too late to find scholarships for this year and get more money for your upcoming term.

(And no, we don’t mean private loans with ridiculous interest rates.)

We’ve compiled ten scholarships (free money!) with deadlines that have yet to pass. From patent law enthusiasts to students who want to change the world, there’s something for everyone:

1. B. Davis Scholarship

Deadline – May 22
Value – $1,000

Student Award Search is a volunteer-run website that helps students find scholarships. But they also offer a scholarship, too, and they’re looking for leaders to step forward. To win $1,000 for college, write a 1,000 word essay about the three leadership qualities you believe are most important.

Sydney Rae on Unsplash

2. Flax Dental Teacher Makes Me Smile

Deadline – May 29
Value – $1,000

While this scholarship is limited only to high school seniors from Georgia, we’re highlighting it for good reason: the dental practice offering the award asks students to write a 400-600 word essay about a teacher who makes them smile. If there’s one thing we need more of in the world, it’s movies featuring Jack Jack from The Incredibles. If there’s two things we need more of in the world, it’s showing love for all the great teachers out there.

3. Jacob Smaus SuperHero

Deadline – June 1
Value – $1,000

Were you rejected for membership into The Avengers? Don’t worry, you’ve got a second chance, and this time around you don’t have to try and vanquish Thanos. Seven Mile Ridez, an automobile enthusiasts club in Nebraska, is looking for superheroes with documented community service or other volunteer work to submit an essay about their experience.

4. Golden Key Graduate Scholar Award

Deadline – June 15
Value – $10,000

Golden Key International Honour Society’s aim is to help students unlock their potential. As their name suggests, they have lofty expectations of their candidates. To apply, graduate students must write a personal statement outlining their educational pursuits, as well as a separate 500-word essay stating how they play on using their post-baccalaureate degree to positively impact the world. Slightly more involved than winning a Golden Ticket, I grant you, but $10,000 is worth every bit of the effort.

5. John D Spurling OBE Scholarship

Mike Burke on Unsplash

Deadline – June 15
Value – $10,000

If you’re an animal lover, this is probably the scholarship for you. The American Kennel Club awards five John D Spurling OBE Scholarships, each worth $10,000, to students who have made efforts in their community to promote responsible pet ownership. Students have to detail their education experiences, their animal-related experience, and provide two letters of recommendation to apply.

6. Typology Central Personality Type Scholarship

Deadline – June 23
Value – $2,000

Calling all Myers-Briggs fans! Calling all Jungians! Calling all BuzzFeed quiz takers! (Alright, that last one might be stretching things a bit.) If you’re transfixed by personality quizzes and personality type theory in particular, TypologyCentral.com wants to hear from you. To win up to $2,000 for college, write a 1,000 word essay about how the study of personal type has impacted your life.

7. American Pavilion General Education Scholarship

Deadline – July 1
Value – $1,000

If you’ve ever wondered what kind of company makes industrial-sized tents, the answer is the kind of company that also generously donates $1,000 each year to make life a little easier for a college student. To apply, write a 1,000 word essay on what your plans are for your education, how this money could help you, and why you deserve it.

8. Break The Silence Angel Scholarship

Deadline – July 1
Value – $3,000

Break The Silence is an organization committed to supporting the victims of domestic violence, and part of that is helping them attend school. They’re awarding up to $3,000 for candidates who have personally experienced domestic violence. Scholarship winners will be decided by the essay prompt, “How can students combat domestic violence?

9. Intellectual Property Owners Video Contest

Deadline – July 1
Value – $7,500

If you’re passionate about patents and intellectual property laws, you can win up to $7,500! If you’re not particularly fussed about intellectual property, don’t worry, you can still win up to $7,500 for college – you just need to be a creative video maker. The Intellectual Property Office Education Foundation is looking for a 60-second video that at least loosely follows the theme of why patents are important.

10. Shout It Out Scholarship

Deadline – September 30
Value – $1,500

My favorite piece of advice in 2018 came from Pulitzer-nominated playwright Kristoffer Diaz, who implored young creators to be loud and messy and, when necessary, obnoxious this year. Unigo’s Shout It Out scholarship echoes those exact sentiments. The contest is simple: you’ve got 250 words to answer the question: “If you could say one thing to the entire world at once, what would it be and why?” The loudest submission wins.

Remember: Every penny of aid earned now is money you don’t have to pay back in the future.

So, you have one job over the next couple months: win these scholarships for this year! Keep track of the above deadlines, and don’t be shy about asking a teacher or advisor to critique your essays.

You can do this.

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