4 Essential resources for a successful job search

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Everyone wants to land their dream job out of college, right? Paying for school is expensive, so get the most of your money by utilizing school resources.

Utilize the Career Center

Every school has a career center. The career center is there to help you connect with companies and alumni, review your resume, tell you about job opportunities, and help you prepare for interviews. 

Career centers play a huge role in your professional life so don’t hesitate to pay them a visit. I’m sure they will be more than happy to assist you in any way they can. Keep in mind that even after graduation your school may send you emails of networking opportunities, so be on the lookout!  

Connect with your classmates and faculty

Take advantage of career fairs and networking activities. These events will give you exposure to many companies that have open positions. Who knows? Your dream job might be one of their future open roles.

If a job search comes down to who you know, networking is one of the most effective ways to land your dream job. Stay in touch with your classmates and faculty members. They could be instrumental in helping you get a job. 

Get Involved

While at school, make sure you are involved in on-campus and off-campus activities. Get involved with clubs, community outreach, or work on campus. 

If you have the option to co-op or intern at a company while at school, go for it! Getting involved is a great way to add more experience to your resume. That alone could set you apart from other entry-level applicants. 

Beyond good experience, participating in community organizations and campus activities shows potential employers that you care about your community. Nothing leaves a better impression than that!

Practice Mock Interviews with Friends

You should use the days leading up to your interviews to practice your communication skills in mock interviews. Ask a friend to help you practice by pretending to be the employer. 

Based on my own experience, aside from what’s on your resume, employers are looking for someone that would fit in their team. Interviews can be intimidating because you never know what they’re going to ask. Look up some of the most common interview questions, and practice your answers. 

Everyone that interviews you will have been through a process of their own. For the most part, they know how nerve-wracking it can be. Try to take a deep breath and power through the nerves. Take your time answering questions and if you have questions for them, be sure to ask! 

Landing the dream job after graduation is everyone’s dream. Although, this could be seen as impossible, with the right steps you can make your dream come true.