5 Inspirational Instagram Accounts That Will Motivate You To Study

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Do you ever get in a mood where no matter what you do, you just can’t motivate yourself to get your schoolwork done?

No matter how many cups of coffee, snack breaks, meditation podcasts, or procrastinating you indulge in, nothing seems to do the trick — until now. With one look at each of these Instagram accounts, you’ll be itching to reorganize your binders, color code your notes, and study your heart out.

1. @schoolmotivator

The bio on this account reads “Working Towards a Stress Free Life,” and that’s what their account is dedicated to. Awesome pictures with beautiful views are guaranteed to put you in a serene and organized place so you (and their 40.9k followers) can get to work with a clear head.

2. @bookishnbright

This awesome account is run by Alysha, a university student and self-proclaimed caramel latte addict. All of her posts are colorful and bright, bringing a little sunshine into what could be an otherwise dreary study sesh. She’s got 44.5k followers who love her aesthetic, too, and a separate website with more content for you to enjoy.

3. @studydiaryofamedstudent

In our humble opinion, the best part about this account has to be the food features. Kristin, the hardworking medical student from Denmark who owns this account, has awesome taste in study food, and is great at capturing her cravings on camera. At least her 124k followers seem to think so. Visit her website for more!

4. @waystostudy

This law student’s handwriting alone will make you want to take more copious notes! Nice penmanship is a major key to being organized. So go ahead and splurge on those colored highlighters or a new pen; you’ll be way more excited to look back at your notes if you know how pretty they are. She also uses her platform to advise her 208k followers how to de-stress after a good study sesh (painting your nails and doing a face mask is highly recommended.) Her website is full of tips, like “How to Create a Study Schedule,” and she posts new videos about studying to her YouTube channel every Wednesday and Friday.

5. @emmastudiess

Emma, who has a whopping 310k followers, is a third year comms student in Australia whose pen collection will make you jealous — but the coolest thing about her note-taking style is that she often uses graph paper. The squares will help anyone with messy handwriting write in straight, even lines, which will make handwritten notes easier to read when it comes time to study. Plus, her Etsy Shop is full of really cool printables that can help you get organized.

Do you have any favorite study tips?

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