9 Apps For College That Will Help You Just, Like, Make It Through

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It turns out your phone isn’t just a toy to help you waste time in class. It can actually be a useful tool to make your life easier at college.

Jokes aside, smartphones were created to be incredibly convenient, incredibly powerful devices that improve our lives.

Most of us don’t take full advantage of their capabilities, partly because it’s just so much darned fun killing digital zombies, and partly because we don’t realize certain brilliant applications actually exist.

So we found nine must-have apps for every college student. They range from time-management tools and study aides to a potentially life-saving way of contacting your friends.

Here’s the list of apps for college:

From left to right: StudyBlue, LitCharts, Freedom

1. StudyBlue – Free; $7 to unlock all features

Over 15 million students are using StudyBlue to share notes, flashcards and other useful study materials. The paid version includes textbook companion content from subject experts.

2. LitCharts – Free

LitCharts is the SparkNotes for millennials and Generation Z. Featuring a more visual presentation than its predecessor, LitCharts guides you through your favorite (and not so favorite) books. It even includes Shakescleare, a line by line translation of Shakespeare, for those of you majoring in English.

3. Freedom – Free

Finding it difficult to stop scrolling through your ex’s instagram page when you’re meant to be studying for tomorrow’s Organic Chemistry exam? Freedom will temporarily block access to distracting apps, messages and phone calls.

From left to right: EasyBib, Circle of 6, Scholly

4. EasyBib – Free

Let’s be honest with each other. The worst part of writing any paper is doing the citations. EasyBib solves that problem. Simply enter the website URL or book, film or publication title and the app will generate the citation for you. From there it’s just copy-and-paste!

5. Circle of 6 – Free

The preeminent safety app, Circle of 6 allows users to quickly and discreetly contact six people in their “circle” if they find themselves in a situation that makes them uncomfortable. Conceived as a way to prevent sexual violence, Circle of 6 has a variety of ways to keep you safe on or off campus.

6. Scholly – Free

There are millions of scholarships awarded each year, so why is it so difficult to find any for which to apply? Scholly makes the search process much easier. Instead of digging through thousands of scholarships that you don’t qualify for, the app will match you to specific scholarships that fit your demographic, talents and needs.

From left to right: ToDoIst, PumpUp, iResumes

7. ToDoIst – Free

College throws a lot at you: classes, work, endless social events at which your presence is a must. ToDoIst helps you keep track of everything you need to do, everywhere you need to be, and everyone you need to meet. Beyond task-management, ToDoIst also allows you to set productivity goals to help you get the most out of your education!

8. PumpUp – Free

If you need to drop the “Freshman 15”, this is the app for you. PumpUp features a supportive fitness community complete with how-to videos and customized workouts. Track all your progress with their detailed monitoring tools.

9. iResumes – Free

As all-consuming as college can be, you still need to find time to prepare for life after graduation. That means finding a job. iResume allows you to create and share your resume on the go, so you’ll always be prepared to enter the real world.

Did we leave anything out?

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