9 Inspirational Tweets About Professors For Teacher Appreciation Week

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We love that Teacher Appreciation Day has been expanded to a whole week. We *especially* love that folks on Twitter have expanded it to include all educators — even college instructors and professors.

Some of the tweets we saw were so next-level that we had to collect them. Take a look at our faves from the #TeacherAppreciationWeek hashtag.

Here are our favorite tweets about college educators at their best.

When they were more like mentors than just instructors.

When they reminded us to embrace our identities — full stop.

Sometimes their best lessons went beyond the classroom…

… or within ourselves.

Who doesn’t have at least one book on their shelf from their fave prof?

Or a binder of saved notes from a truly inspirational course lesson?

Our instructors taught us critical thinking, which is needed now more than ever.

As well as living life with a sense of humor. 

And lastly, of course, we were forever changed by their next-level pun skills:


(We see what you did there, @ThePixelPegasus.)

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