9 Secrets to Being Happy in College

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Transitioning from high school to college is a HUGE change. In fact, some students become depressed and struggle to fit in. Here are 9 ways you can be happy throughout your college career.

Be you..whatever that means, right now

Be your authentic self and trust in the universe that everything will work out at the end – even if it doesn’t seem like it, in this moment. People who are meant to be your friends will like you for being you. Trusting this early in your college career will make you much happier and keep you focused on building on the positive in your life and shedding the negative.

Take at least one class in something you absolutely love each semester of your freshman year

Go ahead, take that anthropology class or that art class you’ve been eyeing! Is there a professor that you just loved, take another class with them. When choosing classes make sure to squeeze in at least one that class that just sounds plain cool, if you can, this is the whole reason why college minors exist.

Go ahead, get out there and find your tribe

College is all about coming to terms with who you are as a person. Not everyone is worthy of your friendship. You should become friends with people who share similar values to yours. Follow your heart and find your tribe. Your tribe are people with similar passions as you. If you’re just getting settled in to college life, clubs are a great way to start! You always liked dancing? Then stop being shy and join the dance club! Who knows, maybe you will meet your college best friend there.

Really unplug, once in a while

It’s easy to get swept up in social media, notifications, deadlines, and everything else that’s on your plate. While your mind is cluttered with these things, you cannot listen to your inner voice nor can you tap into that place of peace and relaxation. Whether its short walk on campus, doing something analog, or a just lunch with your roommate, try to turn off your phone once in a while and just be present in the moment.

Workout and eat smart

According to experts, working out and eating smart can lead to a happier life. Try to avoid the vending machines in the dorms and the onslaught of snack food, you body will reward you with more energy and more vitality. Here is a resource with more information on healthy eating, while you’re at school. Staying active in college will boost your mood and boost your sleep. Yoga on campus? Ultimate frisbee? Campus gym? It doesn’t matter. Incorporating movement in your life will help bring you peace and well being.  

Don’t get overwhelmed – get organized!

Following an agenda can help take a lot of stress out of your life. Being able to manage your time wisely will allow you to have fun while keeping on top of your classes.

Study abroad, if you can

Study abroad can be transformative. One of the biggest regrets that many grads have out of college is that they didn’t study abroad. Many students shy way from studying abroad because they’re worried about the cost but depending on where you study it may be the same or even cheaper!

Avoid all-nighters, sleep is your friend  

All-nighters can throw off your body’s rhythm and eventually affect your health, in fact here are some great reasons why you should probably be sleeping MORE. Being sleep deprived can lead to stress, lack of focus, irritability and much more. To avoid having to pull all-nighters try following a schedule that will help you get assignments done on time while also having fun.

Let people support you

The transition from high school to college is a big one and it’s easy to be overwhelmed and some students find themselves missing home more than they thought they would. If you miss home, call your family or make it a point to go home during breaks. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the course load or general stress, know that you’re not in this alone.