Ace Your New Year With These Go-Getting 2020 Resolutions

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There’s nothing like a new year to help you get hyper-focused. Whether you’re the resolution type, or just use the new year as something of a clean slate, it’s an energizing time for all of us.

In college, you have to take any motivation you can get. And new years eve usually comes with a desire to do better. Set expectations. Clean up. Get ready to take on the world.

Even if you’re not the resolution type, we’ve got some ideas on how you can start your new year energized and excited for what’s to come.

Clean out your dorm

Returning to the dorm after the holiday break is the perfect time to get rid of things you’re not using. Think about the money you could make by reselling your textbooks? Or how much space you’ll free up by getting rid of papers and notebooks you no longer need. Got some old clothes or accessories you’re not using? Post those on Poshmark and make a little extra cash.

There are so many ways to free up space and make room for focus.

Whatever it is that’s cluttering your dorm, do a little KonMari. You might find that just that little bit of cleaning goes a long way in helping you feel renewed and refreshed.

Get yourself organized

So, you bought all your textbooks and school supplies, now it’s time to organize your life. Once you get your syllabus, put all your due dates into your calendar. Schedule out your weeks as well, so you get an at-a-glance look at what your semester is going to look like.

Organize your notebooks and folders so that you know what you’re going to use for each class. Pack your backpack for that first day of school. When you start something strong and do well, you’re more inspired to carry that feeling throughout the semester.

It doesn’t have to be a cold, hard resolution. Simply a desire to stay organized and on track is all you need to kick butt.

Focus on your health

For a lot of students, health is the last thing on their mind during first semester. Now that you’re in the swing of things, incorporate some healthy activities back in.

Start going to the gym one or two times a week. Buy one of those gigantic water bottles on Amazon and aim to drink more water throughout the day. Make a pact to cook at least one or two meals at home each week.

There are small, easy ways to get your health back on track. With the winter weather sweeping most of the country, what better time is there to find indoor activities than now?

Plan for a summer job or internship

It may seem far away, but the time to apply for summer internships is already upon us. See what jobs are posted, start crafting that cover letter, and edit your resume.

If you focus on getting it done now, you’ll have one less thing to worry about as the semester starts to come to a close. Not only that, but you’ll be able to plan your summer knowing what part of your plan is.

A little extra pocket money never hurt anyone, right? Especially not college students. Which brings us to our last resolution.

Revisit (or start) your budget

Ahh, the big, scary budget. There’s no time like the new year to tackle it. Get your expenses in order and see where you can save some money. Cut back on things you don’t need and funnel some money to your student loans to get you ahead.

Unless you love math, budgets are not usually a fun activity. But the act of sitting down and reviewing your spending can seriously help when it comes time to cut back. At the end of the semester, when you see how much you saved, you’re going to be seriously happy.

If these resolutions don’t make sense for you, find something you’re excited about and incorporate the goal into your everyday life. Resolutions don’t have to be about changing who you are, but they can be about goal setting and experience building.

And as you probably already know, setting a goal is the first step towards achieving it.