Advice from a CEO: Acing the Interview

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Interviews can be intimidating, so much pressure to make a perfect first impression and sell yourself as an asset to the company. It’s natural to be nervous about a life-changing moment, after all, this could be a new job and a bigger paycheck!

But don’t worry, we have you covered with some pro-tips from our CEO, Charlie Javice, to help you ace that interview!

Before the Interview

Get prepared, do some research on the company. Checking out their social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter can be a great asset to not only give you an inside look to company culture but also some insights into their values and expectations. It’s also a good idea to explore the website, take a look at their mission statement and think of how it applies to you.

Although everything today is digital and the people interviewing you will likely have a copy of your resume on their computer, bring hard copies! While you’re printing out those resumes, contact your references and let them know you’re actively interviewing, so they can expect a call and be prepared to tell whoever reaches out to them how great you are. Put your resumes in a folder or portfolio along with a pen and paper.

Lastly, dress the part! The night before your interview set out your clothes, make sure they’re clean and pressed. This will be one less thing to stress about in the morning of the interview.

Interview Time

Don’t be late! In fact, Charlie suggests you show up 30-minutes early. This will show that you’re serious about the opportunity and help in making a great first impression. Another key to making a great first impression is eye contact and a firm handshake, you will seem confident and prepared (even if you’re a little scared).

Now that you’re seated and ready take out that pen and paper, take notes- you’ll be glad you did later. During your interview ask intelligent questions like- What are the biggest challenges of the role? Don’t be afraid to turn the tables a little bit. Ask what they like most about working for the company, or what they would change if they could.

This will engage your interviewer further (with a bonus of taking you out of the hot seat for a few minutes) and give you a better idea of what to expect if you are extended an offer. Finish the interview with another strong handshake and thank them for their time.

Manners go a long way and could be the small difference that sets you apart from the crowd.

After the Interview

Congratulations, you did it! When you get home from your interview, send an email thanking them for their time and consideration, make sure you do this the day of the interview.

Charlie also suggests, if it was not communicated during or after the interview, to ask about next steps or when you can expect to hear back.

Now, you wait for the call that will hopefully change your life for the better.