Advice from a CEO: Job Excellence

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You’ve started a new job, and you want to make sure you not only keep it, but you succeed! Frank’s CEO, Charlie Javice, has some tips to get you on the path to success.

Stand Out

Don’t be late! In fact, Charlie recommends showing up 15-30 minutes early. Although they might not say anything, your boss will notice who is there on time and ready to work. This also means, don’t jump out of your desk as soon as the clock strikes five. Stick around until your work is finished for the day. Having good work ethic helps show how committed you are to your position and to your company.

Time Management

Keep a calendar, don’t rely on post its or your memory alone. Having your daily tasks mapped out will help you stay on track and be sure nothing gets overlooked. If you think something is going to be late make sure you give your boss or your team a heads up and let them know when you’re expected time of completion is. Charlie also says it’s best that when you receive an email to reply promptly, make sure you answer any questions and add value to the conversation.

Be Prepared

A lot goes on during meetings and it’s easy to forget or confuse information, so always take notes. If something is unclear, ask questions and make sure to get a full understanding before the meeting is over. Don’t be afraid to ask for clarification, ever.

Open Communication

Stay in communication with your manager. Ask for weekly one-on-one meetings. This is a great way to make sure you’re on schedule, and ask for feedback concerning current projects. Find out how you can make your manager’s life easier. This is also a great time to ask for a side project if you’re interested in being more involved. If you’re a writer, offer to write some content for your company blog. Maybe you’re a social media guru and have some ideas for a fun social campaign. Use your skills creatively to pitch an idea to get more involved and noticed in a positive way by other departments.

If weekly meetings don’t fit well into your boss’ schedule, Charlie suggests sending a weekly email to check in and highlight three accomplishments and something you’re working on improving.

Moving On

Maybe you’ve grown as much as you can in your current role, or you’ve landed your dream job at another company. Whatever the case may be, it’s time to move on. Be professional, give your current employer at least two weeks’ notice. Make sure you’re available to make the transition as smooth as possible and offer to help training someone to fill your position. The path to success doesn’t look the same for everyone, but with these tips you can be sure to stand out and excel wherever the path may lead you.