The best (worst?) graduation caps of the week

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Decorating your cap for graduation is a feat. You only graduate from college once, so you have one shot at finding the perfect slogan, quote, or meme to personalize your cap with. While the pressure might be too much for some people (I didn’t even attempt to decorate my cap), some graduating seniors absolutely nail it. Take a look at these winning grads from the class of 2018, courtesy of the hysterical Instagram account @badgradcaps.

1. Are there Pell Grants for life after college?

This meme is *chef’s kiss* level accurate. Lots of students try their hardest to avoid even thinking about the amount they’ll owe after they graduate. That’s why the realization that you have student loans comes crashing down on graduates pretty hard. Your university will start following up about repayment plans almost immediately. Many colleges require you to start making repayments 6 months after you graduate, and they definitely won’t let you forget it.

…But the silver glitter paper is a really nice touch.

2. Post(pone) Maloans

Help me, I’m poor. #badgradcaps #postmalone

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Too good! And perfect timing, with Post Malone’s new album out just in time to make these puns. There definitely have to be some lyrics we can play with, too.  “Now you gotta throw it all away, but you keep on wishing that the money got to stay” 🙁

3. Low effort, high quality

The best thing about this one was that he ripped a piece of paper straight out of his spiral notebook. Like, he couldn’t even find a piece of white paper from a printer somewhere?

Bottom line though, this UCF grad is really funny and must be pretty brave to pull this off. Procrastination is never a good idea, but at least this guy knows how to pull off a bit of genius at the last minute — and has a sense of humor about it.

4. The schwiftiest cap of all

Although commencement actually is the place for smart people, this cap is pretty funny. And we do see their point — there is something a little bit dumb about sitting through an hours-long ceremony only to hear your full name read aloud (and likely mispronounced) while you awkwardly walk across the stage in a too-big dress. Maybe if you’re lucky, your weird grandpa Rick will aim a portal gun at the stage, and once you get your diploma, you get transported to a world with no student loans!

5. It’s always sunny in graduation land

#badgradcaps #itsalwayssunnyinphiladelphia @5thyear

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Ah, yes. The arguably second-worst part of graduating college (after student loans) is entering the work force and a pretty poor job market. But keep your head up, grads: even though the job search might be rough at the start, adulting really isn’t all that bad. You’ll always have your college friends and memories to reminisce upon.

So throw up those caps  — or don’t, if you spent a lot of time decorating yours and don’t want to lose it! If you decorated a cap that you’re especially proud of and you want to show it off, slide into our DMs on Insta and brag about it. You just might get a shout out!