7 Budget-Friendly Dorm Recipes For When The Dining Hall Is Closed

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Dorm room living wasn’t made for cooking fancy recipes. With limited storage and little space or utilities to work with, cooking can seem almost impossible.

Luckily, that’s not the case. There are plenty of great dorm room recipes out there that take little more than a microwave. That way, you have something to snack on when the cafeteria is closed and your options are limited. 

The best part about being able to cook meals in your dorm room is that it’s more cost-effective than using your meal plan or eating out. Meaning it can save you money. 

Here are a few of our favorite (health-ish) dorm room recipes you can try out. 

Mac N’ Cheese Mug

That’s right, your favorite childhood snack can easily come to life in the dorm. Pick your choice of cheese, noodles, and water— and boom! All your Mac n’ Cheese dreams come true. 

Eggs In A Nest

Woke up late and didn’t get your breakfast in? Don’t worry about it. You can make eggs and toast with just a microwave. Choose your toast, crack the egg on top (or in a little hole in the middle), and pop it in the microwave for 3 minutes to get your yolky dorm brunch

Oatmeal Of Your Choice

Oatmeal is one of the easiest meals to make in a microwave and you can pretty much add any fruits and additions that you want. Fill up a cup with your oats, water, and toppings of choice, and get ready for the perfect fall breakfast or snack. 

Stuffed Baked Potato or Sweet Potato

Did you know you can bake a potato in the microwave? This simple tutorial breaks down how to do it. Once you’ve got it mastered, you can stuff your potato with cheese, butter, or any other addition that you feel like. You’ll have dinner in under 10 minutes. What could be better than that?

Steamed Veggies

If you have a mini-fridge with a freezer, you can always by the pre-made steamed veggies to just toss in the microwave when you’re hungry. Or with a little extra work, you can make them yourself. There are plenty of quick tutorials for you to follow online to get your steamed veggies just right. Once you do, just add butter, salt, pepper, and other condiments of your choice. 

Egg & Cheese Burritos 

A lot of these might be breakfast foods, but who doesn’t love a good breakfast? Add your egg and cheese to a microwavable bowl, blast it until it’s cooked through, and then roll it up in your Burritos. The perfect breakfast burrito, without having to stop at the drive-thru.

Taco On The Go

If you’re craving homemade Mexican food, this Taco On The Go will be super helpful. In just 5-minutes you can have a delicious, microwavable taco ready in your dorm room. Just follow this recipe and enjoy your dorm-made Mexican food. 

See? Making food in your dorm room doesn’t have to involve a ton of pots and pans or even a stovetop. You can use the limited tools you have to make quick, delicious meals that will help you stick to your budget (you know, so you can pay off those student loans faster).