Plan your budget-friendly staycation with these tips

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College comes with many expenses from tuition to textbooks and weekend entertainment. Affording a college education (especially if you’re living away from home) can be super expensive. All these expenses usually result in us missing out on social activities or chill time. 

Although having downtime for yourself by laying in bed all day is great, why stay home when you can probably afford some fun activities? We came up with a few tips on how you can have the perfect staycation while staying within your budget. 

Keep reading to learn why it’s no big deal that you’re missing out on Spring Break in Miami. 

1. Binge-watch shows on Netflix

The cheapest and easiest way to watch a show or movie nowadays is by streaming it on Netflix, Hulu, HBO, etc. If you already pay for these services, then take advantage! If you don’t have streaming services, don’t let that stop you. Most streaming platforms offer a week and even up to a month free. 

Have even more fun and make some popcorn, or buy your favorite cheap snacks, turn off your light and press play. This tip will allow you to relax and cost you less than $30.

2. Get cultured during free museum days

Search for places near you such as fairs, festivals, zoo, museums, and galleries. These types of attractions tend to be discounted or completely free admissions on specific days of the week. Hit up Google and see what you can find! 

NYC residents have the upper hand here. The city offers a variety of options when searching for free or cheap activities. For instance, the Bronx Zoo is free on Wednesdays and some museums free to students on certain days of the week. To learn more about cheap admissions to museums in the city, click here.

3. Get creative and search for activities on Google

This one is similar to tip #2. Search for activities near your staycation location. You might find painting/craft workshops, free classes at the library, paintball, bowling, and more activities to fill your days with. To make it even more fun, I suggest you get together with a friend and search for things you can do together.

4. Fix your sleep schedule

When busy with classes, your schedule is probably all over the place, so, take advantage of the opportunity to sleep. This is an excellent chance for you to catch up on zzz’s and get into a regular sleep schedule.

That might mean no staying up late just because you can, but you’ll thank yourself when you come back to school fully rested.

5. Socialize and visit your family

We know how stressful and time-consuming college can be, so we want to make sure you still have time for a social life, especially during your staycation. 

Keeping a social life is important because it helps us stay sane when we’re running around following a class schedule. What’s better than catching up with your friends and family? Tell them all about your favorite class and how your semester is going. Who knows, they might even have more ideas about fun things you can do during your staycation.

6. Treat yourself 

Do the little things that tend to make you happy and relaxed. If you enjoy cooking/baking, playing video games, getting your hair done, do it. Take full advantage of your staycation to do the things that you never have time to do. 

Do you like meditating? Great! Play some soft background music, spray essential oils around your room, and lay or pose on your floor in a comfortable position for an hour. Focus on your breathing and think positive thoughts. What better way to pamper yourself than by taking care of your mental health? 

We hope that these tips will make your staycation your best yet. Remember: Just because we’re broke college students doesn’t mean we have to settle for less. Whether you choose to stay in bed or participate in outside activities, always remember to enjoy your time off.