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Decorative Dorm Room Ideas For Less Than $50

Sara Waxman
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Moving into your first dorm can be exciting, but totally overwhelming at the same time. Like your room at home, you want it to feel as personal and homey as possible. Frank can help you make it happen without spending too much $.


Bedside Lamp

Having a lamp on your desk, next to your bed, or on your nightstand can be extremely useful. Having a good source of light will totally change the vibe of a room for the better.


Having a rug next to your bed or by your desk adds a little color and flavor to the room. You can use it to make your feet more comfy or as a way of making your room colorful and cozy. Just don’t forget to clean it!

Storage Bins

Storage bins extremely practical because college dorms don’t provide much storage space. They can also be very cute and sleek. Storage bins come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors, so it’s fun to mix and match and play around a bit.

Wall Art

Hanging things on the wall brings personality to a room, whether that be pictures of your friends and family, mirrors, a tapestry, or a cool mural. Adding some life to a bland dorm wall is a definite plus.

Bean Bag Chair

It’s always nice to have an extra comfy place to sit. You can use it to study, watch TV, or as a space for a friend hang out.

Big Calendar

This dry-erase calendar doubles as both a way of keeping track of all your academic and social obligations and a decorative piece for your room. It’s another item that’s practical but also looks nice. You can use different colored ink to remind yourself of your different daily tasks.

Photo Display

Leaving your friends and family at home can be hard. What better way to bring a piece of home to your college dorm than by printing pictures of your friends and family and putting them on your wall? There are lots of clever ways to put pictures up: you can hang them with clothespins on string, tape them, stick them on a bulletin board, or use some cute thumb tacks.
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Desk Accessories

You definitely need a place to put your pens, pencils, highlighters, and desk supplies, so why not make it decorative? Again, something very practical can turn into a great way to decorate your dorm.

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