Highest Paying Bachelor’s Degrees

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Your major can have major (get it) implications on your post college jobs and earnings. Some bachelor degrees are higher paying on average than others. According to payscale.com this is the list of the highest paying bachelor degrees, and their expected early and mid career pay.

Chemical Engineering

The bachelor degree of chemical engineering usually prepares students for professional work in development, design, operation of chemical products and are employed in areas like nuclear, environment control, biochemical, aerospace, etc. Chemical engineering is turning ideas into products using principles of chemistry, biology and physics.

-Early Career Pay: 69,800

-Mid Career Pay: 119,000

Computer Science and Engineering

Computer engineers are electrical engineers that specialize in software and hardware design.  This major is involved in building hardware infrastructure, like computers, networks and operating systems.

-Early Career Pay: 71,000

-Mid Career Pay: 116,000

Applied Mathematics

Applied mathematics majors study how to use math and statistics to solve problems in applied sciences and engineering. Those with applied mathematics degrees can work as analysts in financial companies, programmers, hardware developers and research.

-Early Career Pay: 56,100

-Mid Career Pay: 110,000


Physics students are trained to logically solve problems, and apply concepts and science to other areas of research. They used formulas to make predictions and explain theories. They really study how the world works, and why it works the way it does. Many physics majors go on to work in medicine, laboratory settings, industry, and engineering.

-Early Career Pay: 55,100

-Mid Career Pay: 108,000


Government majors, also can include political science majors, study the political structures, processes and policies. It is a diverse study, including national, international and comparative politics. Involves the development of writing, critical thinking and analytical skills. Government majors can go into a variety of jobs including law, business, public policy and nonprofit organizations.

-Early Career Pay: 49,600

-Mid Career Pay: 105,000

Finance and Real Estate

This degree is pretty self explanatory. Graduates with this degree tend to go into the finance end of real estate, with job titles ranging from investment banker, to mortgage bankers and brokers, and underwriters. These jobs combine finance and real estate.

-Early Career Pay: 59,500

-Mid Career Pay: 101,000


People with a bachelor’s degree in statistics have skills related to probability, mathematical statistics, data analysis and statistical computing. This degree and these skills can be taken into many different careers including statistics in business, government, and research as a mathematical statistician or a research assistant.

-Early Career Pay: 57,400

-Mid Career Pay: 97,500

Physical Therapy

This is the pre-degree for actually becoming a physical therapist. You need at least this to then apply to physical therapy schools. The bachelor degree usually includes courses in anatomy, biology, physics and statistics.

-Early Career Pay: 60,300

-Mid Career Pay: 86,600

Accounting and Finance

This degree prepares students who will pursue careers in investment analysis and management, banking, auditing, accounting consulting and financial management. Studies include many math and business related classes like statistics, financial accounting and economics.

-Early Career Pay: 52,800

-Mid Career Pay: 86,400


A marketing degree can be used in pretty much any industry, as marketing is an important part of every business plan. These include market research, advertising, public relations, etc.

-Early Career Pay: 45,300

-Mid Career Pay: 82,500