Hilarious Texts You’ll Only Receive If You’re A College Student

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Hilarious Texts You’ll Only Receive If You’re A College Student

Any college graduate, or current college attendee can agree that college is a special and unique place. It is almost like a bubble, where certain things fly, that won’t fly in the so called “real world”. College is a life of its own, and there are certain, seemingly normal, texts we send and receive while in college, that we can later acknowledge are only normal to college students.

The Booty Call Text:

Everyone has either sent or received a late night booty call text. It usually involves a “are you awake” or a “where are you” usually after 1 am.

The Passive Aggressive Roommate Text:

Its not a true college experience without a roommate. Your roommate can be your best friend, or your least favorite person at school. Regardless, best friend or not, passive aggressive nagging text messages are typical.

The What Are You Doing For Spring Break Text: 

College is really the only time in your life where you collectively plan a spring break trip with your friends. When you enter the work force you don’t even get a spring break. The idea of having a vacation with your friends at a designated time every year (for 4 years) only really exists in college.

The Pregame Text: 

I don’t know about you, but I didn’t even know what a pregame was before college, and I’m not quite sure they really exist after college. Only in college do you really drink before a party, or before the pregame for the party. This concept is truly a college thing.

The Date Party Text/Formal Text: 

First off, date parties and formal really only exist in college settings. I guess in the real world you will encounter blind dates and being set up, so in that regard you might receive a text like this. However, I would hope after your college days, the text doesn’t quite look like this.

There Where Are You I Want to Leave Text: 

Wherever you are, a party, a bar, or someone else dorm/apartment, you will never want to leave a place without your friend. You might lose each other, but don’t worry text them a million times to find out where they are and let them know very clearly that you are ready to leave.

The Rent and Utilities Text: 

There’s always the one roommate in charge of paying the bills and getting reimbursed. He or she tells you exactly how much you owe and expects the money immediately (of course). Every month you wait for the text and just pay it, no questions asked.

The I Have So Much Work Text: 

Everyone can relate to those heavy work load weeks, when you have 3 midterms and 2 papers. It also always seems like people compete with each other over who has more work. Be ready to send or receive the “I have so much work text” almost every Sunday- because people say it even when they don’t have SO much work.