How to Date in College on a Budget

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While in college you meet a cute guy or girl and want to go out on fun dates with them. However, there’s a problem: you are a broke college student. Dating and entertainment, in general, is definitely one of the hidden expenses of college that is easy to overlook but it’s always surprising how much you can do for cheap or for free and still have a total blast together.

Check out these ideas to get the creative juices going:

Explore the outdoors

Going for a walk in the outdoors will allow you and your date to experience nature. It will also allow you guys to have good conversations so you could get to know each other better, not to mention the totally instagrammable moments.

There are various outdoor activities that make for a fun and free date:

  • Going on a hike
  • Exploring the wildlife
  • Going camping
  • Going skiing in the winter
  • Going to the beach or lake.

Spend an evening at home

Get card games, monopoly, or checkers. You could even invite some friends to play Cards Against Humanity. This date idea is cheap and fun. If you want to create a more romantic setting, consider making a blanket fort…put your computer under the fort and binge watch a show while eating snacks, because…why not?!

Have a picnic in the park

Bring a blanket, some sandwiches, music and spend the day talking, relaxing and soaking up the sun with your date. You can get to know your date and also stay on a budget.

Attend free school events

Many school host events for students at low-price or for free. Events like fairs, and festivals give students the opportunity to step outside their comfort zone and meet new people. Sporting events are usually free as well. Take your date to a basketball game or swimming meet. This is a great way to take advantage of being a student. You will have fun while also staying on a budget.

Go to the movies (but don’t forget your student ID)

Many movie theaters offer movie discounts to college students. You and your date will only need to bring your student ID to get the discount. To avoid spending money on snacks in the theater, you guys should get something to eat beforehand. Maybe consider going to McDonald’s or Wendy’s for affordable food before going to watch the movie. Movie theaters such as AMC Theater and Cinemark offer student discounts.

Workout together

What better way to spend time with your date than exercising together? You can help each work out while also living a healthy lifestyle. Working out together it’s a fun way to try something new while on a budget.

Remember: college gives you is the time to really get to know your crush or your significant other in a way that will not be possible after you graduate, spend this quality time wisely!