How to make your dorm room feel like home at Thanksgiving

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Make your room feel like home

It can be challenging to be so far away from home when the holidays come around. If you’re stuck on campus, making your dorm feel like a celebratory space isn’t easy. But you can do it! 

Whether it’s spending time with friends, eating some turkey, decorating your room, or just having apple cider on standby, we’ve got some suggestions on how to make your dorm feel like home.

Create your own traditions

At this point, you probably have friends on campus you can hang with. Invite them over! You and your friends can create traditions that you can do together. 

Think about things you do with your family and try to incorporate them with your group. Need some suggestions? 

  • Have a movie night
  • Order some pizza
  • Host a game night

There are plenty of activities to give you the feel of being home with family.

Keep some Holiday staples on hand

If you grew up enjoying specific holiday treats with your family, find them at the store. Apple cider, pumpkin pie, or anything else you may have enjoyed growing up are generally available everywhere this time of year. 

If your mom makes the world’s best peanut brittle and this is the only time of the year she makes it ask her to send it to you! Not only do you get your favorite treats, but you can share them with your friends. 

Get into the spirit with decor

Fall colors consist of different browns, reds, and oranges, so look for some of those colors and see if you can include them in your dorm room. Even if it’s just a fall blanket to put on top of your bed, it can add a little holiday flavor.

Make some easy decorations. You and your friends can make a night of it instead of going out. Take part in fall fun like decorating a pumpkin, creating a wreath out of corn husks, making a banner out of doilies, or putting some wheat bundles into mason jars. Adding that extra little touch can sometimes make all the difference in getting that holiday feel.

Also, this is the time of year when many stores have scented candles. You can find these for great deals at places like Wal-Mart, Target, and Home Goods, where they are at low prices. Adding one of these into your dorm room (if candles are allowed) can also help bring back those memories of home.

Create a home-y space

Whether you end up staying on campus or go home for Thanksgiving, it’s nice to be festive around the holiday season. Your dorm room is your home during the school year, so make the best of it.