How to wear the same dress to every event during grad week

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Now that graduation festivities are ramping up, I know the dress anxiety is really starting to set in. You’ve got brunches, you’ve got lunch with your fam, you’ve got the actual commencement, AND you’ve got parties to attend. Are you supposed to find a new outfit for each occasion? Who can even afford to do that?

You definitely don’t have to. This is how you can hack your way into wearing the same dress to every single graduation function — and nobody will even notice.

I know that sounds crazy. If you don’t believe me, here are 3 reasons why you’re gonna be able to get away with wearing the same dress to every event this week.

1. Everyone is putting themselves first this week, and rightfully so.

I promise you, the person who’s gonna be paying the most attention to your what you wear is YOU

2. At each different function will be a different crowd.

No one in your friend group is gonna know if you’re wearing the same outfit you wore to dinner with your parents. The only person who’s gonna know is you, so be confident knowing you’re being super savvy with your spending.

3. The biggest takeaway from the all the graduation festivities are gonna be the pictures you take.

You’ll look back on them for years to come. You can still set the big events apart by personalizing your look for each and looking amazing without having to drop a couple hundred dollars on a new outfit for every event. The real kicker here is that most of the pictures you’ll take this week are going to be from the waist up, so we’ll focus on that area the most. But when it comes down to it, take all the close-ups, selfies, and full-body shots you want — this time belongs to you. Make the most of it 🙂

Of course, the most essential item you need to pull this off is your dress! But, BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING ELSE: Pick the right color.

Now that it’s spring-slash-summer, lots of colleges and universities will be having their graduation ceremonies outdoors. If this is the case for you, definitely DON’T wear gray — you’ll sweat right through it.

Patterns and prints are always fun, but if you’re trying to be incognito about your outfit repeating, it’s probably best to steer clear. Sticking to solid colors is a smart move.

If you’re gonna go for a color, pick one that compliments you well and can easily be mixed and matched. I’m gonna be a typical New Yorker and pick black.

Activity #1: Brunch

When you think about the functions you’ll be attending, you’ll definitely want to dress for the occasion. Let’s say the first function of the day is brunch with your girlfriends. For this look, we’re gonna keep it simple. Wear your dress without adding any extra accessories and pair it with cute, comfy shoes. I love these chunky heels because they’re cute, easy to walk around in, and won’t hurt your feet after a long and active day. When y’all inevitably take your last selfie as college students, you’ll be in tip-top shape.

Activity #2: Grad Ceremony

Next up: the official graduation ceremony. First thing’s first, your dress will be obscured by your graduation gown, so that’s an easy win. The trick to surviving this event is one key accessory: your CAP! This will serve many purposes: you can use it to block the sun from your eyes AND use it to fan yourself when the unrelenting sun is beating down on you, all while looking super smart. Plus, the photo ops are obvious. You can go for full body shots to get the cap and gown in — CARPE that diem, girl!

Activity #3: Family Meal

Then, there’s always a delicious celebratory lunch or dinner with your family. The way to hack your way around this one is by throwing a cool jacket over your dress — pick something colorful, like a pretty green, pink, or even leather or denim. Sometimes restaurants can be cold, so a jacket or sweater will keep you warm AND fashionable.

Activity #4: Night Out

And finally, your big night out with the squad. The final test of the day, and likely the place where you’ll be taking the most pictures. Full body shots are implied — but since this is one of you and your pals’ last nights together, a lot of hugging is gonna be going on, and your selfie game is gonna be unparalleled. Focus on priming your upper bod for pics by dressing your look up with a cool necklace. Layer it with a million of your favorite chains, or one giant chunky and colorful piece. To top it off, throw your hair up for a different look than the rest of the day.

And that’s basically it!

If you guys decide to try this out for yourselves, I definitely want to see the looks y’all put together. You can make a response video to this one, tweet me your pics from grad week, or tag me in your insta post showing your looks off. Snap a pic of you in each of your four looks, and I’ll be picking one lucky winner with Frank to receive a $150 gift card to Rent the Runway!

All you have to do to enter (besides actually taking your pictures) is comment on the video on YouTube, subscribe to our channel, and make sure you’re following Frank on Twitter and Insta.

So good luck to all you guys and congrats again to the class of 2018!! I’m so looking forward to seeing what you put together!