Is it smart to have a job while you’re in college?

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Working while going to college is a big commitment. A lot of students struggle with choosing to work, knowing that it might interfere with classwork.

While every situation is different, deciding to work comes with a few pros that can’t be denied. If you’re able to keep your grades up while working, there’s definitely an argument for getting that job. 

Gain experience in the workforce

One major benefit of working while in college is you’ll graduate with work experience on your resume. That little bit of experience can be what helps you snag quicker than your peers without experience.

After all, even entry-level jobs often require some type of job experience. Whether it’s an internship or an actual job, it helps to show you’ve navigated the real world of work in the past. 

Get money to pay off student loans

If you’re already working before you graduate, you can set that money aside to help you pay your student loans.

So many students graduate with a mountain of debt. When you step off campus and onto your career path, that can feel incredibly overwhelming. Especially if it takes you a while to find your first job.

Having money set aside to help you combat those expenses and make a dent in your student loans might take some stress off your shoulders. Having a part-time job can be your first step towards a secure financial future. 

Learn serious life skills

Nothing will teach you about work-life balance better than actually working. Not only will you learn how to manage your time, but you’ll also figure out how to allocate your personal time to other responsibilities.

If you’ve ever had trouble making yourself sit down to study, having a job narrows down your free time. That could make it easier for you to focus on studying when the time comes. 

With a job, it will be important for you to figure out when to sit down and focus on your classwork. While this could be a downside for some, if they don’t excel at time management, it can help others stay organized. 

Meet new people

A job could be an opportunity for you to meet new people. This can be especially uplifting for students that have had trouble making friends in college. 

A job provides you a unique chance to interact with new people in a way that makes it easier to form friendships. It negates the need to walk up to someone and introduce yourself blindly. Or find common ground with people in your dorm room if it doesn’t come naturally to you. 

Even if you already have a group of friends, it might be nice to have people outside of your college experience to talk to about things. 

Know what’s right for you

Working while in college requires balance. If you’re going to class full time, even a part-time job can take a toll. It’s important to understand how much time you need to get your work done, so you don’t let your job affect your education. 

Some students have no choice. To afford their education, they have to work. With a mind for organization and time management skills, you can work and finish your education without blinking an eye. 

Whatever you decide to do, make sure it’s the right choice for you. If you can handle the balancing act that is working and going to school, do it! It could put you one step ahead upon graduation.