Did you catch John Mulaney’s skit about college in his new special?

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John Mulaney’s Netflix special is absolute fire for many reasons but his stuff about paying for college was almost too good to be true.

In case you missed it, here are our seven favorite jokes:

(Note: Jokes may be edited for brevity, but hopefully not at the sacrifice of the punchline. To see his powerful performance in all its NSFW glory, watch his special on Netflix! Right now!)

1. That feeling when you get donation letters from your college after you graduate…

2. And that next feeling when you’re like, didn’t I already do this?

3. When you wonder, “Should I still be paying you when your job here is done?”

Isn’t that what endowments are for?

4. And then you’re like, “You’re telling me that I should continue to pay for… what reason exactly?”


5. Plus, like… What even was college for, again?

6. And then you’re like, “You knew what you were getting into, college.”

7. Like you even have any money to give, anyway.

Do you know these feels?

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