Let’s be Frank: You Should be Paying Less for College.

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College tuition is too damn high. We founded Frank with a rebellious spirit and a big goal: students should pay less for college. It’s that simple.  

In less than three years, Frank has become the #1 go-to place for students to get financial aid for college. How did we do it? From day one, our approach has been clear: students always come first. 

The last 3 years haven’t always been easy, but here’s how we’ve driven exceptional value:

  • Creating a simple FAFSA® that students love.
  • Connecting students with scholarships and state aid opportunities.
  • Streamlining aid appeals for students who didn’t get enough aid.
  • Advocating for students to receive emergency grants and support them in the middle of a worldwide pandemic. 

More importantly, we scientifically proved that putting students first is a win-win for all. The results of our work have shown that students who benefit from Frank’s help are 3.5x more likely to go to college. That’s a bigger impact than we could have imagined.

That’s why today is such a big deal for the Frank team and me. We are doubling down on opportunities to make education more accessible and affordable for all.

Today, we’re launching Classfinder —  a marketplace where students can shop for college courses online and pay less for them. Classfinder offers classes with discounts of up to 70% that may also be covered by federal financial aid. The marketplace is opening with over 7,500 courses from more than 125 colleges nationwide — and we’re adding new classes and colleges each week.

As the pandemic forced schools to transition to online instruction quickly, we’ve listened to our students and their families that have been shocked at the cost of attending a fully remote “Zoom University.” 

Now, with Classfinder, students will be able to comparison-shop for cheaper classes at hundreds of other colleges and they may even graduate faster by taking more courses. Graduating early will significantly maximize financial aid. According to U.S. News & World Report, in 2020-21, a 3-credit course at a public, in-state, 4-year institution costs an average of $969 — Classfinder’s 3-credit offerings begin at $295

With Classfinder, shopping for affordable courses is simple, like shopping for shoes! Students can choose from thousands of online classes that fit any schedule and purchase them with the click of a button. Frank has secured reduced course prices along with no registration, application, or administrative fees

This is how it works: Students pay upfront, and their federal financial aid may cover costs upon course completion. Frank sends students the information they need to get approval from their school for financial aid and transfer credits to be counted toward their degree. No college experience is required to enroll, and the courses are open to anyone interested in higher education, from high school students to retirees, international students to parents at home. Students will have until the course drop date to drop the course and get a full refund.

By expanding access to higher education and streamlining the process, Classfinder will also benefit schools. It helps keep their students on the path to graduation and fills enrollment in their existing online courses.

COVID has accelerated trends in higher education to create digital, student-centric experiences. We’ve taken that even further to offer transparent, flexible, and cheaper options. With Classfinder, we empower students to make their college education more personalized and more affordable

The Frank team has touched millions of students on their path to college. We are proud and humbled by the diversity of students we serve: primarily low-income, overwhelmingly female, and minority students who need access to our resources most. 

We are grateful that our students have trusted us to help them make the most challenging decisions around how to pay for college, and we are excited to offer students a new option to graduate from college with less student debt