We made a little change with big meaning. Did you notice?

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In our continued effort to make quality education affordable to all, we’re revamping our website and you might notice a few changes.

But the biggest one is in our website address.

We’re now withfrank.org.

(It was formerly frankFAFSA.com.)

We wanted our URL to reflect our commitment to be with you every step of the way when it comes to getting you into the school of your dreams — at an affordable price.

Plus, although filling out your FAFSA® is the best first step you can make, we now offer services beyond easy access to free federal money.

Already got your financial aid award letter? Check out our “aid appeal” service.

Many students (or parents of students) don’t know that they can appeal for more financial aid. It’s a process called “aid appeal” and it’s a big deal.

You can get thousands more in aid money — money that you’re entitled to — especially if you’ve experienced a big life change in your family during your FAFSA® filing.

But filing for aid appeal can be long and complicated, requiring a bunch of forms to prove your situation. Don’t go at it alone — work with us and you might get $5000 more in aid money (that’s our average).

Our Personal Aid Experts are also available to look over your forms!

Although you can certainly file your FAFSA® free and easy using our mobile-optimized, super simple FAFSA® filing service, doing so with one of our Personal Aid Experts can give you total peace of mind.

Our support team will ensure that your forms are 100 percent error free and will maximize your aid up to a whopping $15,000!

So take our new URL for a spin, and be sure to update your bookmarks (if you’re into that kind of thing).

And keep your eyes peeled for more updates. We’re always innovating new and exciting ways to help you Dream Smart. And always feel free to tell us your financial aid wants and needs on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Happy filing!