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Five States Have A FAFSA® Deadline This Week. Is Yours One Of Them?

Carly Gillis
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If you’re a student in California, Idaho, Maryland, Michigan, or West Virginia — it’s time to file!

That’s right!

If you thought the FAFSA® deadline was in June, you’re still right. Because it’s both.

Each state has its own deadline for state grants.


Filing your FAFSA® by the state’s deadline guarantees that you’ll be considered for both state and federal levels of aid.

Idaho, Maryland, Michigan, and West Virginia need your FAFSA®s by March 1. California’s giving you an extra day to file by March 2.

Think it’s too late or you don’t have enough time? We got you.

Don’t worry! With our absolutely-free FAFSA® tool, you’ll be able to submit your forms in as little as four minutes!

Filing by your state’s March FAFSA® deadline could mean an extra $3,500 (Idaho’s Opportunity Scholarship), or $4,750 (West Virginia’s PROMISE Scholarship), or a whopping $12,630 (via California’s Cal Grant system).

Why let the money you deserve slip away because of a few forms?

But if you’ve been putting it off, you’re not alone. That’s why we’re here to help.

If you’re in Idaho, Maryland, Michigan, West Virginia, or California, click here to file with Frank today! 

Psst… one more thing…

If you’ve already filed, we got you, too.

You may be able to get more, especially if you or your family has experienced a big change over the past few years. Sign up for our Aid Appeal service to increase the amount of your award letter today!

Happy filing!

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