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Now here are some articles for parents who are or will be sending their children off to college.

1. Knowing The Lingo: Can You Talk the College Talk 

 College Parent Central is designed to give information to parents about college and parenting a college student.  Read more

2. Summer To Do List For New College Students & Families

CollegiateParent partners with admission, alumni and parent program offices to create helpful parent guides distributed at key college events and made available to college parents and families. The website also features a blog with useful posts. Read more

3. The College Costs Parents Need To Be Aware Of

Making Sense of Cents is a personal finance and lifestyle blog. The author Michelle, was able to pay off 38,000 dollars in student loans in 7 months. She provides some insight and guidance into managing money.  Read more

4. Investing In Your College Bound Teen

Parents Countdown to College Coach is a website to help parents navigate the “college maze”.

5. Preparing Your Child For College Life

Read more


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