Make Yourself Stand Out with These Resume Writing Tips

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Getting a job can seem difficult enough without the added stress of writing a resume. Luckily, we have some resume writing tips to make your resume stand out amongst the crowd and help you get that interview!

Review the job description

 Review the job description of the job you are applying for and incorporate some keywords. Many keywords can be located in the description of the “duties and responsibilities, basic qualifications, and preferred qualifications.”

Relevant work experience

 Use relevant work experience; if you are applying for a management position then show off your years of experience in a leadership environment. Even if you weren’t the manager, you can show how you led a team on a specific project or something similar that demonstrates your potential.

No blank spaces

 Don’t leave a lot of blank space on your resume. If you have large margins or gaps on the page, it’s going to look like you don’t have a lot to share or talk about regarding your job history. This could lead to a quick denial if you can’t demonstrate you have the qualifications and experience relevant to the position.

Spelling & grammar count!

Spellcheck. Nothing turns a manager off more than looking at a resume with a lot of grammatical errors. It shows a lack of attention to detail and could result in a quick dismissal of extending an interview invite.

Don’t forget your contact info

 Include your name, contact information, and address; especially if you are applying for a position in your area. Many companies would rather hire someone within their area of operation than have to incur additional costs relocating someone from outside their area of operation.

Structure matters

Job history structure; put your most recent job history towards the top of your resume and the older experience near the bottom. This showcases your most recent experience first to the person reviewing your resume. Considering most people advance over time, you want to show them your most impressive work experience first to draw their attention and keep them reading further.

Education and Certifications

Once you complete all of your job histories, put your education and certifications after. Employers want to know where you attended school, what degrees you earned and what other certifications you might have that make you stand apart from the competition.

Short and sweet

Resume length. If your experience is near the 10-year mark or greater, or if you have advanced quickly in your company, it’s good to include all of that experience even if it goes over 1 page. If you have less experience or only 3-4 previous roles, it would be best to try and keep it to around 1 page including your education. Your resume will look more organized and look more appealing to the individual reviewing it.

Font size – don’t overdo or underdo it

Font size of 12 in a simple Times New Roman is more than enough on your interview. If the font is too small, it becomes a strain on the eyes and something might get missed. If it’s too large, it looks like you are just trying to fill the page.

Neat and clean

Some employers specify the format of the resume. If they request a PDF then make sure you don’t submit a word document and vice versa. Also, you should bring a few hard copies of your resume to your interview. The last thing you want is to show up with a resume to hand over that looks like you pulled it out of the paper shredder, so make sure you bring folder or envelope to keep them crisp and clean.

These tips should do the trick! So go search for your dream job and build your resume. Good luck and happy job hunting!