How To Save Money at the Grocery Store

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It’s so easy to get carried away at the grocery store when all the food looks and smells delicious. Sticking to a budget while grocery shopping will prove to be one of your most difficult adulting tasks. Check out Frank’s list of ways to save money while you shop!

Don’t shop when you are hungry.
If you are going to the store, make sure you have a snack first or have a mint when you are there. This cuts down on buying prepared foods or purchasing something that you would not get if you were full. You end up spending way more when you shop hungry because you think you are going to eat it, when it reality, you probably won’t.

Shop only once a week.
Reduce impulse buys and plan your list so that you only get a week’s worth of food. Use up your pantry so that you are not throwing out food at the end of the week or stocking up on food that you already have.

Make a list and stick to it.
There will always be an item you need that you forget to add to the list, but it keeps you from spending too much on items that you grab off the shelf. Keep a list each week of the items you want and will actually use. Pinterest always has lists that you can print out and cross off the items you do not buy or want for that week. It helps to remember exactly what you are looking forward so you do not get distracted.

Create a monthly food budget.
It’s important to stick to a budget, especially when it comes to buying food. Don’t let yourself spend more than the allotted amount, even if you spent less the week before. The extra money that you did not spend can go into your savings or emergency fund. In your overall monthly budget you will have a section for food, so in that section, create a spending budget for each week when you buy food.

Use coupons.
Make sure you save the coupons you get each week, and only use them for products you actually want or need. Just because you have a coupon for something, does not mean you have to buy it. Also check out where you can print out coupons for any item you need at the store!

Buy in bulk if it doesn’t expire quickly.
Many stores such as Costco or Sam’s Club allow you to buy items in bulk at a reduced price. Only do this for the foods you need large quantities of or that you cannot get for cheap at a regular grocery store. They have great deals especially if you go through a certain food item quickly.

Sign up for a rewards card.
Your local grocery stores and pharmacies will offer rewards programs. You’ll get promotions, discounts, and rewards on products that will make purchases cheaper.


Photo by leonie wise on Unsplash