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Student Weekly Round Up

Students, here is your weekly roundup of some helpful resources from college experts.


How I used Scholarships and Financial Aid Before Student Loans to Fund My Education 

Blog: Broke Girl Rich is written by Melissa, a 30-year-old sharing her personal journey with finances.


4 Ways to Create a College Friendly Budget

BLOG: Cheapscholor‘s goal is to provide support, assistance and guidance to families going through the college process. This site provides recourses and financial tools to families.


Work While in College! 24 Part Time and Full-Time Jobs 

BLOG: FITnancials is a travel, lifestyle and fitness blog, written by Alexis. She shares her tips on saving money while staying healthy at the same time.


How I used Scholarships and Financial Aid Before Student Loans to Fund My Education

BLOG: Caren Osten Gerszberg is a well known life coach and writer. She contributes articles to the New York Times in a bi-weekly column “Mom U” for its college education blog.


Three Questions to Ask Yourself Before Going to College

BLOG: HackCollege is educating the students of the world about effective, open source software, putting techno-political arguments in everyday language, and creating a cult of ‘Students 2.0.


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