These College YouTubers Will Show You What Student Life Is Really Like

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Wondering what college will really be like?

Whether you’re a high school student dreaming about your future college career or a current college kid looking for advice, there are several great college YouTubers out there that are happy to give you a glimpse into their university lives. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorites — take a look!

1. Thomas Frank

Even though he graduated from Iowa State University years ago, he still makes super helpful videos like “The Most Powerful Way to Remember What You Study,” “10 Study Tips for Earning an A on Your Next Exam,” and “10 Ways to Be More Productive in 2018.”

Outside of YouTube, his website College Info Geek has a weekly podcast about college life, where he interviews people about their experiences and invites other pros to share their tips for success on campus. He’s got a casual 946k subscribers, so he might know what he’s talking about. (And plus… his last name is Frank. Come on. We can’t help ourselves.)

2. Morgan Yates

Her videos “How to Get an Internship,” “10 Ways to De-Stress From School,” and “Adulting: Expectations vs Reality” really nail what it’s like to be in college and thinking about the real world, too.

As a student at UNC Chapel Hill, she really understands what it’s like to be at a big state school with high academic expectations and an exciting social life. And she’s got a casual 260,000 subscribers.

3. Annemarie Chase

Annemarie is quite popular on YouTube and at USC, making videos about her morning routines in college, fashion advice, and reacting to her semester grades.

She emphasizes the benefits of being busy but productive, being a perfectionist, and the reality of being a second semester senior. She’s super relatable, and she’s got 138k subscribers to prove it.

4. Brandon Hayden

Brandon, a student at Georgia State University, specializes in a “College 101” series. On his channel, you can learn about everything from “Choosing a Major” to “Making New Friends.” He also documents his regular life, taking his viewers with him as he buys new glasses and attends his first Friendsgiving.

He also has a really cool fashion blog called Happily Dressed. We’re all about the side hustle.

5. Catherine Goetze

Her YouTube channel, Cath in College, showcases the highs and lows of what it’s really like to attend an Ivy League schoolStanford, to be specific. Catherine takes her 25,000+ subscribers on dorm tours, to football games, her self-care routine, and even lets them in on some secret Stanford traditions.

If you’ve got a favorite college YouTuber that we missed, let us know on Twitter or Facebook!