Unique ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day on a student budget

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. If you’re a college student in a relationship, you might be having a little anxiety over doing something unique without breaking the bank. 

With a little creativity, it’s pretty easy to do a V-Day celebration on a budget while still making your S/O feel special. After all, things don’t have to be all expensive roses and fancy dinners to show someone you care.

So, if you want to have a romantic celebration with your significant other on a shoestring budget, we’ve got some ideas.

Make a meal together instead of going out

One effortless way to spend time together and still have a great meal is to make dinner together. If both of you assist in picking out the recipe, going shopping, and making your meal — you’re already spending more time together than you would if you went to a restaurant. 

Additionally, it’s an excellent way for you to practice a little teamwork. One of you can man the cutting board while the other slaves over the stove. 

Take the date outdoors

If there’s one thing most college campuses have, it’s great spots for a picnic. If you don’t have a kitchen to make a nice meal in, this is the next best thing.

Make some simple sandwiches, grab a few snacks, and head out to a patch of grass with a view. The quiet of the outdoors will allow you time for conversation, and it will definitely still keep you on budget. 

Sneak in a little (free) culture 

Have a museum you’ve wanted to check out? Maybe a public garden you haven’t seen yet? Does your S/O love art? Valentine’s Day is a great time to check out the museums, gardens, and exhibits in your area.

Many museums have college night or offer free admission to students. What better time is there to take advantage of student promotions than for a date night? 

Go to a fun campus event

From a sporting event to community service, tons of campuses offer activities throughout the week for students. Take a look at the calendar and see if you can find something you and your partner would both be interested in.

Most of these are free or cheap to attend. In some cases, it will give you both a way to spend time together while giving back to the community. That can make Valentine’s Day that much sweeter. 

Have a movie night

Netflix makes it easier than ever for you to veg out on the couch and do nothing. Pick a few movies, make some popcorn, and call it a date night. 

You could even light some candles to make it extra special. But all you really need are some good flicks and the company you’re trying to impress. 

Find a couples activity

If you live in an area with hiking trails or scenic routes, go on a hike together to get some fresh air. With a busy college schedule, it might be nice to step off campus for a bit and get a little exercise in — all while still spending time with each other. 

If you’re an active couple, doing things like rock climbing or boxing could also be fun. It’s only the price of the class, and you get to enjoy something that isn’t tied to an expensive restaurant. 

Valentine’s Day is a fun excuse to spend quality time with your significant other. However, it’s important to remember that it’s just one day. There’s no reason to break the bank when the point is simply to spend time with someone you care about. 

We all know how important we feel when someone makes a point to do something special for us. So, hopefully, these ideas will be something that helps you celebrate while staying on budget.