Ways to Save Money in College and Still Have Fun

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Leave your car at home

Instead of bringing a car to school, ride a bike, use public transportation, take an UberPool, or walk. Having a car is a big expense and not always a necessity.

Fill out your FAFSA®

Even if you are already in college and finished with the application process, it never hurts to file FASFSA® to see what kind of aid you qualify for.

Save on textbooks

Textbooks can be ridiculously expensive. To save money, you can rent them from your school, buy on Amazon, or get used textbooks from upperclassmen.

Always ask for student discounts

So many places including fast food chains, clothing stores, general stores, and the like offer student discounts. Always ask when checking out, and make sure to keep your student ID on you at all times.

Cook at home

Eating out, even at fast food places, can add up and get expensive. A great way to save money is to go grocery shopping and eat as many meals at home as possible. It might feel like you’re spending more money because you’re spending more at once, but it will save you a lot in the long run.

Make your own coffee

Buying coffee everyday really adds up, especially if you need more than one cup to start your day. You will be shocked when you see how much money you save by making your own coffee.

Don’t pay for cable

Cable is expensive, and all the best shows are streaming, anyway. Skip the cable bill, just Netflix and chill.

Avoid buying new furniture

So many people sell their furniture for a fraction of the price when they graduate, and the stuff is usually in perfect condition. Ask upperclassmen who are on their way out if they’re getting rid of any of their stuff.