Weekly Roundup: Top universities drain you dry and for-profit college drama…

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News and Trending topics for college students

There’s a lot going on this week! From low-income students being unfairly targeted to a great idea that could make the lives (and bank accounts) of students much better!

Check out what’s happening below. 

Let’s make the FAFSA® required for a high-school diploma

Not only do they want to make FAFSA® mandatory in all high schools in order to graduate, BUT they also want to make filing FAFSA® easier for all. This would include onsite college counselors as well as The Department of Education and the IRS sharing data!

What does this mean? Well, it means you won’t have to spend hours filing your FAFSA® while wanting to pull your hair out. It also means easier access to the money you need to pay for college.

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Most of Nation’s Top Public Universities Aren’t Affordable for Low-Income Students

The biggest takeaway here is the increase in federal aid over the years has been quite minimal. But, the cost of attending college each year rises exponentially.

What does this mean? It means that low-income families, even if awarded the full Pell Grant, are still scrambling to find the money to pay for their education.

Unfortunately, when students receive their award packages and see the massive dollar amount they’re still responsible for, they either go into debt or forego the college experience altogether.  

Betsy DeVos Gives For-Profit Colleges a Free Pass

I’m sure you’ve seen Betsy Devos’ name in the news and trending on Twitter. But not many are really sure who she is and why so many people are angry with her.

Let me break it down – She is the Secretary of Education and is also in favor of for-profit college. For-profit colleges want to make money off of their students, which means only the 1% can actually afford to attend, and everyone else ends up with massive amounts of debt.

There WERE two policies in place to protect students from being taken advantage of. But, good ole’ Betsy decided she was going to overturn those policies without the needs of the students in mind.

Luckily, the government caught her, and now she’s responsible for a fine of $100,000!