Weekly Roundup: Show me the (college) money

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ICYMI: This week it’s all about the money.

Take a look at the presidential candidates promising to tackle the student debt crisis.

Find out which degrees will help you make the most money with the least amount of debt. And see how California is making strides to help protect student borrowers.

Which College Graduates Make the Most?

The Trump administration just released some very interesting information!

For the first time, Americans can compare the student debt levels and first-year earnings of graduates based on what they studied — broken down by major or graduate degree programs.

That means you’ll be able to see which college degrees are instantly paying off and which ones leave graduates loaded with debt and a skimpy income.

The release of this data could allow students to make more informed decisions about where to go to college, what to study and how much to borrow.

Big changes could be in store for student loan borrowers

With student debt currently at $1.41 TRILLION, it’s no surprise that presidential candidates are making big promises when it comes to tackling this crisis.

Some candidates have plans to wipe out the debt altogether. Others plan to reduce the debt significantly and focus most on helping those with lower incomes.

Regardless of their plans, they all agree on one thing — the current student loan system is “fundamentally broken.”

Student Loan Borrowers Need More Protection—and California Is Leading the Way

“A degree shouldn’t be a debt sentence!”

California is leading the way with a bill that would set clear rules to protect student borrowers from student loan companies and some big banks. This bill is called the California Student Borrower Bill of Rights.

Why do we need this kind of protection? You may not have heard, but some banks and student loan providers have tricked students into accepting predatory loans, tacking on illegal fees, and forcing them into default.

California is finally fighting back to protect its students from these illegal practices!