Where Should I Go To College?

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“Do you know where you’re going to college yet?”

“So, what are you thinking in terms of college?”

“Any plans for college?”

If you’re a high school senior, you’re all too familiar with these pesky questions. It’s weird how high school passes by in the blink of an eye — suddenly, you’re a senior, and college is right around the corner. You may be buzzing to get out of your hometown and explore the world, which is awesome! But it’s totally normal to be scared, too — especially if you don’t know where you’re going to go. There are so many schools to choose from, and even more factors that go into your college decision. Luckily, Frank is here to help. Consider the following factors when it’s time to make the big choice.


Student Body

Think about how the size of the student population will make you feel, or if it has any effect at all on your decision. There are many benefits that come with attending a small school, and just as many for big state schools.



What’s the weather going to be like? If you’re not a fan of the cold, you probably don’t want to go up north. The same goes for students who love the snow — you’ll probably want to stay out of the south! In addition to weather, you’ll need to take a look at the area. Is your school located in a genuine college town, like UNC Chapel Hill? Is it in a totally urban setting, like New York University? What about an open, rural setting, like the University of Arkansas? You will be living there for four years, so it’s important to think about.



If you’re the type who never misses a college football game, make sure you’re taking your future school’s sports scene into consideration. There’s nothing like a good college rivalry, and big sporting events that the entire university comes together for are a huge part of the American college experience. Rallying together with your classmates to cheer on your school at the big game is an awesome way to celebrate school spirit, but if that’s not your thing, that’s cool, too.


Campus Organizations

Are you interested in a school that has active clubs and organizations, such as Greek life, intramural sports teams, or an a cappella group? Find out how active the extra-curricular activities are on campus to get an idea of what your life will be like outside of the classroom.


Degree Opportunities

The most important factor when considering colleges to attend is, arguably, the opportunities available for your desired major. Look at schools that are ranked well nationally and internationally in your desired field of study, especially if you’re planning on turning your degree into a career. College is what propels you into the real world, and your classes need to prepare you for a career.



Many people ultimately choose their college or university simply based off of the cost of attendance. Not only do you have to pay for tuition, but also room and board, meals, living expenses, and books. It can all really add up, leaving you (and/or your family) in thousands of dollars in student debt. At Frank, we believe that everyone has the right to a shot at higher education, regardless of your financial background. By applying for scholarships and filing the FAFSA®, students can have a better shot at achieving their college dreams without drowning in debt.


With graduation and move-in day right around the corner, we want to wish all of our high school seniors good luck. The transition from high school to college is an exciting time in your life that you’ll never forget. We want to make sure your college experience is the best imaginable. Cheers!