Want to work in education & make money? Consider these careers

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If you already know what you like to do, you’re one step ahead of your student counterparts. 

The hard part can be deciding what to major in. And even harder, whether or not you have the opportunity to make the salary you’re hoping for with that major.

One of the majors that tend not to live up to salary expectations is education. Unless you have grand aspirations to become a professor or dean of a college, chances are you’ll experience slow salary growth as a high school or elementary school teacher.

If you love to teach people, but want to make decent money doing so, here are some career paths to consider. 


Really want to take that education degree and make it into something? The superintendent is basically as high as you can get. It’s the CEO of the education world. They manage school districts, the quality of education, and implement new policies and procedures.

However, a lot of education generally comes with securing this position. In most cases, you may need to have a doctorate or at least a master’s degree. Additionally, you have to continually be willing to educate yourself with certificate programs and changes in education theory.

They pay off is pretty great, with an average salary of $133k or up to $193k.

Training & Development Manager

While this won’t be strictly a teaching job, training and development can be done at many different levels in a variety of industries. Any large corporation that wants to offer extended education to their staff has training and development employees. 

On average, this position makes about $105k a year (location and education depending) with a high end of $184k. While most positions may require some experience or education in Human Resources, if it’s something that interests you, those qualifications can be easily achieved.

Even better? The need for this type of position is expected to rise by 10% by 2024.

School Principal

Maybe you still want to try your hand at teaching but have every intention of moving up the education ladder? A school principal is a great goal to aim for. Keep in mind that principals do minimal teaching and mostly handle overseeing staff, providing guidance, and defining the overall curriculum. 

In almost all cases, to become a principal, you need to have a master’s degree (which could add a pretty penny to your student loans). However, the salary outlook is great. The average salary is somewhere around $92k. 

The role of principal is expected to grow by 8%, so job security is there as well. 

Postsecondary Teacher

As we mentioned before, if you want to make money actually teaching students, your best bet is to go the professor route. College teachers have the opportunity to teach and mentor students, the way most people that dream of being a teacher hope for.

To become a professor, you need to go on to get either your Master’s or Doctorate. The cost of doing so is something you should factor into the potential salary, as paying back those costs will make a dent in that. 

The average salary for a professor is 75k, with the high end being somewhere around 168k. 

Job growth for this career is fantastic, with a 15% projection through 2024.

Beyond these roles, teachers usually make an average salary of 65k or less, depending on location and experience. Of course, the longer you work at it, the more your salary will grow. And there are a lot of benefits teachers get compared with other industries. Such as summers and breaks off, pensions, and opportunities for student loan forgiveness after several years of service. 

Whatever you decide to do, if you love teaching, there are plenty of career options out there for you.